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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know when my horse can be transported?

Our trucks travel from the north island to the south island and return each week. Demand means we can be full up to 10 days ahead.

For other destinations our truck travels when demand enables us to. This is usually within 2 weeks.

For more remote locations there could be a longer wait.

Mary will call once she knows a set date for your travel. You will receive a call the day before, or earlier if possible, with your pickup or delivery time.

It is recommended you book 1-2 weeks in advance so that your requested dates can be met.

Please note pickups from north going south are early in the week and south to north are usually later in the week.

Do I need to be there to load the horse on pick up?

We usually require someone to be there for health and safety reasons. We will also need this person to confirm that we have the correct horse. This requirement may be waived in very limited circumstances.

Do I need to be there to unload the horse on delivery?

For the same reasons as above, in most cases, yes.

Can my horse have a haynet on the truck?

No – we will not transport horses with hay nets. We believe hay nets cramp a horses space, plus horses cannot get their heads down to clear their throats.

Does my horse need to wear it’s cover on the truck?

In cooler weather or on night journeys, a light scrim may be worn. A horses cover can be labelled for travel with the horse at no extra charge.

Does my horse need to wear travel boots?

No. If you wish to provide boots and your horse is accustomed to wearing these, then we are happy to put them on.

Should I provide any additional horse gear?

If it is required at the destination then we are happy to carry it if necessary.

Does it cost me extra to send gear with the horse?

There is no charge for gear which needs to go with your horse but this is a courtesy and subject to space so there may be limit to what we can accept.

Do you provide horses a break?

For longer journeys, yes. These take place at our depots which are positioned at convenient locations up and down the country.

How long does it take to journey from Rangiora to Cambridge?

Usually 2-3 days.

Does it cost extra for my horse to stay overnight at your depots?

No, this is included in your fare. There may be an exception if you require an extended stay eg – due to yourself moving properties. This would carry a nominal charge.

Do you feed and water my horse?

Yes. We do encourage owners to provide transit feeds where special dietary requirements need to be met.

What happens if my horse is injured or becomes unwell on it’s journey?

Immediate veterinary treatment is sought and the owner contacted immediately.

Is there an age cap for travel?

Long distances can be stressful for older horses. For this reason we would provide transit at our discretion and at owners risk. In some cases a veterinary certificate may be necessary.

What insurance cover do you have for my horse?

Insurance is the owner’s responsibility. For further information, please refer to our Terms

How soon can you transport my horse?

It is recommended that you book. We endeavour to meet all requirements but journeys are subject to availability around journeys already booked. In rare cases, some clients have had a 2 week wait.

Do you accept Visa or Mastercard?

No, sorry, we do not.

I don’t have an account with you. How should I pay?

Direct payment to our bank account, received before we commence the job is best. Cash on delivery may be arranged prior to the job commencing.